Basic course 1 – Kapture.IO: Registration, first guidelines and data input

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Welcome to the leading Quality 4.0 platform! If you are in the industrial or services sector, the Kapture.IO platform is the ideal complement to your ERP or MES where you will be able to capture and make the most of the Quality data. You can also use it independently, and without integrating it with anything… But the important thing is that you will have all the Quality data from the different sources in one place.

You will need this course if you want to start using this flexible and easy to use SaaS platform. We encourage you to follow the courses we have prepared that will guide you through all the functionalities. Whether you are a senior technician with extensive experience in the world of Quality or you are a student just starting out, we have prepared some easy-to-follow guide courses.

In this first course we will give you an introduction to what is and how to take the first steps on the platform so that you don’t find yourself lost. You will learn how to log in, create users, set their roles, change passwords, understand the data hierarchy, how the FMEA works, Control Plan and its Guidelines, configuration of your organization’s parameters, etc… It is the first step to obtain the Kapture.IO Specialist Certificate.