Quality Walls Course

Quality walls in the manufacturing industry are work areas specially designed to perform inspections and quality controls on products or processes. These quality are walls usually located in a specific place within a factory, and usually have a physical structure that allows access and observation of the products or processes from different angles. Quality walls are used as a preventive measure to ensure that all products or processes meet quality standards and comply with customer requirements. They are usually equipped with measuring tools and equipment that allow for accurate and efficient quality control. In short, quality walls are areas specially designed to ensure quality in the manufacturing industry.

Quality walls can also be called “quality wall”, “fire wall”, or in the USA, “on sort process” and are based on the individual checking of components against quality criteria by one or more persons before these components are assembled on a production line. In the automotive industry, there are specialised companies (Sorting Company) that are dedicated solely to this type of activity.

These are companies that have teams of people dedicated to checking parts and their defects. Their services are outsourced when one or more quality problems arise in a company and 100% of the material needs to be checked and the company in question does not have the personnel to dedicate to this task. OEMs also impose these companies on Tier 1s when they do not trust the checks performed by Tier 1 personnel.

Kapture.io is a platform that allows to digitise quality walls in a very simple, agile and easy to use way for the operator. En el “Basic course 2 – Kapture.io: Information organisation, advanced patterns and data exploitation“, you will learn how to build them easily.