About KAPTURE Academy

Kapture Academy is the institution that, through the platformwww.kapture.io will provide you with the necessary knowledge in Quality 4.0 to be able to apply it in your organization and digitize it to improve customer satisfaction and reduce NON-quality costs.

They will help you implement a flexible methodology that you can configure yourself. The mission of this academy is to make quality management knowledge more accessible and to help standardize control processes and democratize the market-leading management software used by large companies and corporations.
These courses will allow you to grow in a consolidated way, facilitate the adoption of a comprehensive Quality management system, reduce Non-Quality costs and guarantee customer satisfaction.

They are courses with an academic orientation, carried out by experts in the field and that can be run online from mobile devices to facilitate access at all times.

The student can view different short videos for each lesson, download presentations with cases and examples, and must take some tests and evaluation exercises to ensure that they have understood the content.